Use your Content

Use your Content

First of all, what is content?

Content is basically everything you use on your website. Whether it is text, audio or video and anything in between.

Content Sources

There are different sources of content. There is content you own your self (owned content), there is content you buy or pay for (paid content) and there is content you yield. The last being the type of content where people talk about you. Where people give you what you deserve (earned content) … which can be good or bad 😉

In essence you want to have a good mix of available content, content that is relevant to your (potential) customers. How do you do this?

Using the 5 C’s of Content Marketing: Calibrate, Create, Curate, Circulate, Convert.

  • Calibrate: set your goals.
  • Create: What is your field of expertise?
  • Curate: the process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.
  • Circulate: Spread the virus!
  • Convert: Bring your audience home.