SEO tips & tricks

SEO tips & tricks

So how do you improve the SEO in your pages? What are the Search engine crawlers looking for?

Here are a few SEO tips & tricks:

  • Content should be relevant and accurate
  • Make sure there is a clear structure and navigation
  • Chapter headings (Chapter 1, Chapter2,….)
  • Graphics
  • Navigation and SEARCH buttons
  • URL: the domain name should ideally describe content of site
  • Add a sitemap upon that all pages can be found
  • Add your location and map
  • Tags, MetaTags
  • In text and to label pictures and graphics
  • Linkbuilding
    • In- and external (maintenance is important)

More on the technical side, refrain from using pop ups etc.

Good luck with your site and dont stop improving untill yr number 1 😉