As professional

As professional

I have more that 20 years professional experience in marketing and communication with an emphasis on digital (crossmedia), as I started working in a digital environment at a very early stage (1994). Over the years I have worked in different jobs on both agency and brand side as well as working as an independent contractor but always actively involved in digital/ online developments

Interactive communication continues to fascinate me. Not just online marketing, what most often just entails SEO and SEA, but the whole concept of managing the brand online (online marketing, advertsiing, social media, mobile marketing, app development, contentmanagement) as well as the internal organisation (changemanagement).

I was fortunate to work for the brand Heineken, for which I was able to win many prestigious prizes among which an ADCN lamp, Esprix, SpinAwards, Europrix etc.). More important it gave me the chance to learn what it means to work in an international business environment, where stakeholder management and effective networking is crucial. I also had the privilege to work for the KRO (one of the biggest public broadcasters in the Netherlands with big TV hits like ´Boer zoekt Vrouw´, ‘Penoza’, ´Spoorloos’ and ‘Kindertijd´) where I was able to leverage the expertise of the different content teams and steered the organization towards cross media content sharing with digital in a central role.

I like driving positive progress by creating new opportunities, combining existing propositions into new ones and connecting people and ideas. That’s why the entrepreneurship suits me. There is also something of a missionary in me and that is why I started teaching at TIO. So I could share my knowledge and passion for digital with young professionals. With my practical knowledge I can bridge the gap between (digital) marketing and commerce theory and practice.

Publication: ‘Het Grote Scherm Voorbij‘ (Past the big screen) – 2013

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