About me..

About me..

A bit more info on Patrick de Koning

I live in Bussum together with my wife Angelique, our two children Mats and Myrthe and our little mutt Laura.

I love to taste wine (prefer the stronger, fuller reds, but enjoy a nice Chianti.. it can’t always be Barollo) and Single malt whiskey, my personal fav is Lagavulin …. also great for pealing of paint. I occasionally enjoy some nice sushi, but my fav remains steak by Loetje.

My hobbies include playing hockey (Gooische Veterans M), golf, inline skating, skiing/snowboarding, and soccer.

I’m a diabetic, type 1, which I found out in 2000. Don’t worry to much, it is not contagious. However should you find me suddenly a little ‘strange’ as if I am unable to concentrate or have trouble focussing or start sweating without a reason or if you notice me going pale all of a sudden (similar reactions occur when a person is fainting), don’t hesitate to ask me if I need sugar cause that is probably what I need than.


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