About me..

About me..

I live in Bussum together with my wife Angelique, our two children Mats and Myrthe and our little mutt Laura.

I love to taste wine (prefer the stronger, fuller reds, but enjoy a nice Chianti.. it can’t always be Barollo) and Single malt whiskey, my personal fav is Lagavulin …. also great for pealing of paint. My hobbies include playing hockey (Gooische Veterans M), golf, inline skating, skiing/snowboarding, and soccer.

I’m a diabetic, type 1, which I found out in 2000. Don’t worry to much, it is not contagious. However should you find me suddenly a little ‘strange’ as if I am unable to concentrate or have trouble focussing or start sweating without a reason or if you notice me going pale all of a sudden (similar reactions occur when a person is fainting), don’t hesitate to ask me if I need sugar cause that is probably what I need than.

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